Striker Match Permanent cigarette Lighter Fire Starter Emergency Waterproof Kit



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Description for Striker Match Lighter:
(Lighter Fuel not included)

-Can be used thousands of times!!!
-Waterproof seal ring, in case of dropping into water, just wipe dry and reuse
-Ultra mini-sized, lightweight, easy to store and carry
-It can provide you the simplest way to make a fire, especially great for outdoor, survival, camping, hiking, anywhere, anytime, and any condition, including moist weather or low temperature

Note: (Instructions First time use)


1. Scrape off the black coating on the flint stone on the side of the canister. Place the striker at the top of the flint stone on the side of the canister and with firm downward stokes strike until the the black coating is removed.  It may take 5 to 10 strikes before all of the coating is removed, sparks will appear when coating is removed. Firm pressure must be applied on every strike. Fill bottle about 2/3 full of lighter fluid, do not overfill. Caution if overfill occurs wipe thoroughly clean and do not strike until excess fluid is dry.

2. Please don’t over burn the cotton core wick exceeding 12 seconds

3. If the striker is sparking and not lighting it needs more lighter fluid on the wick. Once the flame becomes weaker, you may need to add a little lighter fluid to the canister.

(1) Waterproof Lighter fluid fuel storage canister, may also be used for waterproof dry storage for matches and survival items.

(1) Stainless Steel Aircraft cable braided wire rope key ring key chain, they will last forever, App 6″ long.

High quality stainless steel firm and strong key chains. Perfect size app. 6″ in length. Easy to make larger just screw multiple cables together to get the size you prefer. Ideal size for car key chain or you can make larger for hanging tools or other purposes such as luggage tags, pack tags,badge holders, bottle openers, floating key chains, led lights, knives etc..  Excellent gifts for friends, family, birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

What you will receive:  (1) Striker Match Lighter, (1) Fuel Tank, and (1) Stainless Cable Key Ring 

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Custom Bundle



Fire Striker/Rod


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Permanent Striker Match

Bundle Description

1 Fire Starter, ! Fuel Tank, 1 Stainless Key ring


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