Full Face NBC Gas Mask Respirator Military Czech M10 w/ Filters + Free Bag NOS



NOS (New Old Stock) Never Issued
M10 Military Surplus Full Face Gas Mask Respirator w/ Cheek Filters NBC  Developed to protect against chemical (gas etc), biological (bacteria and viruses), radiological (nuclear contaimated) NBC threats

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The Czech M10 Gas Mask is the genuine article – an authentic piece of Czech military surplus equipment. Very similar to the U.S. military M17. Perfect for your military gear collection, soldier costume or even a reliable, inexpensive personal protection solution, we’ve got these effective and downright cool-looking masks for the public. And if it’s good enough for soldiers in a warzone it’s got to be good enough to you, no matter what dangers come your way! Czech military originally developed the M10 to protect troops from nuclear, biological, chemical and radiation threats. The Czechoslovakian M10 is heavily inspired by the US M17, but has many clear differences. The exhale system is different, having a metal housing with the exhale pointing directly outwards. Instead of the M17 style exhale, where the valve is covered by rubber and forced out through the bottom of the housing. The filter openings are larger and threaded. The head harness varies as the M10 head harness is made of a thicker grey elastic fabric with a rubber head pad and large rubber pull tabs. The M17’s outserts have been found to fit with M10, but are noticeably smaller, and the filters are not interchangeable between the masks. Due to the different inhale sizes, and cap attachments. The M10 mask was used by both Czechoslovakia and East Germany. And remains in use today by the Czech Republic.

 Like soldiers, you never know when you might need protection from chemical, biological, or radiological dangers. Likewise, you can’t know where you’ll be when it happens. Thus, it’s smart to stock up – multiple masks for multiple locations. With our unbeatable prices, it’s easy! Don’t wait for disaster to strike; start today and be ready, come what may!

– Authentic Czech Army gas mask
– Supple yet tough rubber facemask
– Snug 6-point adjustable harness
– Integrated speech diaphragm
– Boasts oversized eyepieces
– Developed to protect against chemical, biological, radiological threats

 Includes: Mask, Filter Set, Lenses
BONUS (While Supplies Last) FREE Military Gas Mask Carry Bag. Normally $10, or $5 shipped with mask
Note: Though these gas masks and filters are NOS, new old stock, and may very well function as intended, though they have probably exceeded their expiration dates.  They are sold as a novelty costume item only.  Use at your own risk. 
These are Authentic Eastern Block Government Surplus items that may have endured up to 30 years of storage. Excellent condition, new in plastic bag.  The mask may smell rubbery or musty and be coated with an anti-stick compound.  These issues are easily eliminated by washing in warm soapy water. Regarding possible flaws.  Please keep in mind that your purchase is a piece of authentic Eastern Block Government issue. These items were manufactured to military specifications for issue to troops, not for sale to customers. Therefore, dye lots may vary, items may have slight flaws, discoloration, spots or stains. These are all natural Eastern Block military trademarks.  Of all the gas masks we sell, these appear in the best condition. These came new in a plastic bag. 
Adult size with adjustable harness. Sized 1 (smaller-medium) or 2 (medium-larger) or 3 (large-xl) but they all fit me (average head size 7 1/4 hat). You can request a specific size and will try to accomodate, no guarantees. Size 3 is rare, so If you want a guranteed size 3, here is the link:

All filters become saturated the more they are used.  Filters are supposed to last 3 hours in a highly hazardous environment, then will decline in effectiveness. You may continue to use them, but it is recommended to get extra filters

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