Bug Out Bag Prepper Doomsday Car Safety /Hurricane/Earthquake Survival Camping




1 back-pack colors and Styles will vary

1 Mayday 1200 1-day apple cinnamon survival bar (1200 total calories may be 3 400 calorie bars)

3-4.225 oz. pouches of Mayday emergency drinking water

1 pair of HotHands 10 hour hand warmers

1 hooded reusable lightweight poncho

1 emergency survival pouch/sleeping bag

1 survival rescue blanket

1  LED flashlight or Mayday Ready Light (colors and brands will vary with supply)

1 5-in-1 survival whistle 

2 6″ CYALUME lightsticks (colors vary)

42 piece first aid kit

2 alcohol swab pads

2 packets of triple antibiotic ointment

1 packet first aid & burn cream

1 packet sunscreen lotion

1 pair disposable gloves

1- Swiss army type knife or Multi-tool

1-15 yd roll red duct tape

1 roll of steel wire (colors may vary)

1 container of waterproof/windproof matches Brands will vary (20 total matches)

10 OASIS water purification tablets (each tablet purifies 1 liter of suspect water)

Plenty of room for any additional gear you may want to add to your bag!

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