The word is going down people are fighting over cans of food, it is getting violent and if you don’t prepare for doomsday you to could be a part of that picture. Learn what you must do in order to prepare for doomsday.

Find your group

If doomsday happens you never want to be stranded by yourself. You should always have someone watching your back and you should return the favor. When a group gets together the chances of survival are much greater than being alone by yourself. For example, you need to venture into town and you have no group, when you leave there will be plenty of time for someone to raid your shelter taking anything useful to them. You also don’t want to become crazy, human beings require social interaction to function properly and having a group of people to talk to will help keep you sane thought the hard times.

Establish rules

When the world is experiencing a doomsday the government practically disappears and the world becomes savage forgetting all laws. This is a very bad thing and puts everyone in danger, your group should establish some basic laws to prevent anyone from doing something they wouldn’t. For example, raiding other peoples shelters or homes and taking supply’s from them. The main goal is to survive but taking away another persons ability to survive is a careless thing to do. You will also want to divide and portion out all of the food. Eat the smallest amount of food possible each day in order to make the food last longer. It would also be smart to make sure and keep track of the amount of food to make sure none of it goes missing.

Create a backup plan

Sometimes things change in an instant and you need to be prepared with a backup plan. For example, you get over run and your shelter is taken from you where would you go next? You could go to a friend’s house or to a family member that lives nearest to you. Or what if you run out of food? You will eventually run out of food someday so what then? A good solution would be an indoor garden. Get some lights or break open a part of the roof to allow sunlight to flow into the room. Then you will need some type of pots or container to hold soil. Purchase many seeds and find the best time to plant each type of food. Make sure you grow them simultaneously, meaning when one group is finished the next is also finished in a week or so and keep planting more each time you harvest. This will allow you to create a renewing food source for many days to come. If you want a renewing water source and live somewhere it rains often gather rain water and run it into a storage container somewhere within your shelter, when you want fresh water just boil the dirty water to create purified water.