As a Survivalist, it certainly is important that you be vigilant in your prepping so that you can leave in a moments notice. I confess that I’m a procrastinator. I purchased four 5 gallon plastic gas cans and stored them in my garage. They sat there empty for pretty much 60 days. It so happened the price of gas went lower by 20 cents while they were sitting there, but had gas skyrocketed my survival preps may have been useless.

One of the most important steps to being self sufficient is to make sure you work towards your goal before you are at crunch time. As a prepper you should be taking time at least once a month to look at what you have done, what you still need to do and assess a plan of action to complete these goals. Even something as simple as checking expiration dates on items can become critical so you need to be sure to check on your survival cache on a regular basis. After you have done this a couple of times it will become second nature.

This appears to be somewhat usual among survivalists. Many have plenty of things in the works that are not complete so that when the shit does hit the fan they’re barely ready for that emergency. Perhaps you have fallen into this category? Do you got a bug out bag that either sits empty near a lot of other products or possibly hidden in certain place where it is sometimes complicated to access? When was the final time you checked the products so you’d be sure you have the right products inside and that none of them are past it’s expiration? Have you thought about various survival situations to re-asses items you have inside your bug out bag and what else that you might need to get? The reality for many is that they haven’t.

Why haven’t you, do you expect once the shit hits the fan you will have the time to proceed making your B.O.B. or have enough time to get everything prepared? Or would you imagine getting the stuff is as far as you have to go. What could happen if something happens that precipitates bugging out really fast. Say a nuclear blast, a train derailment with toxic fumes, as well as something similar to a large sink hole near your house like happened in Florida in May of 2012. These situations could cause you to quickly evacuate your home. Would you like to be prepared or would you like to be caught with your pants down like countless People in America who barely possess the resources and whits to last even a few days after a major incident?

If you are wanting to learn more about survival training then you should look for forums that can help you find the knowledge that you need to help you become more aware for any doomsday situation. On these sites you will often find many good people willing to guide you along your path to become a prepper. Beware that not everyone on there has your interests at heart so be sure to be safe and not give out too much info about your state of readiness.

Many sites have articles on items such as food canning, dehydrating, drying food, personal safety and many other great topics. When you first start to look at becoming a prepper these topics are often daunting and take a while to jump in and get going, but once you have done this you will find that you learn to take on challenges more easily and that’s going to be a mighty fine ability to have if the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Don’t be afraid to participate in the conversation as you might have more information than others and might be as much a teacher as a student.

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